My bio poem (intro to #sol18)


In an effort of solidarity, I am jumping in. Feet first. Head first? Nah. Feet first sounds safer.

I taught my first and second graders about bio poems this week. They’ll be drawing self-portraits to accompany their thoughtful and heartwarming poems, but as an introductory attempt, I will just share mine here:


Playful, smart, athletic.

Wishes to spread knowledge and smiles.

Dreams of a peaceful world.

Wants to build and move into her dream house with her other half.

Who wonders about the state of Colorado’s summertime with this super low snowpack.

Who fears being left behind.

Who is afraid of ticks.

Who believes that everybody has goodness in their heart.

Who loves Mike, her other half.

Who plans to make a difference.

When you live a giggly life, good things will come your way.

As I learn more about this Slice of Life challenge, I realize how daunting it feels to publicly offer my own words on a daily basis. Then, of course, I feel like the meanest writing teacher in the world because this is exactly what I ask of my students. Every day.

Okay, kiddos. I’m in. I’m in this with you.

Let’s write.


It isn’t the world that makes us think, it’s words that we can’t come up with. – Bill Manhire




23 thoughts on “My bio poem (intro to #sol18)

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  1. Welcome! And you are in the right place as we all love a great variety of writing! I was just in Colorado for #CCIRA18 (and so was Stacey as a presenter TWICE)! Remember that imitation is a compliment so you can borrow ideas from others! Welcome!

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  2. Love when new visitors jump into the writing of slices. This was a perfect introduction! And you speak the truth … we ask our students to do this hard, daunting, yet rewarding work every day — you will see so, so many benefits of living the writerly life with them!!! Welcome to this AMAZING community!!

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  3. Welcome to slicing, Kristina! I love your bio poem and look forward to hearing more from you. My first venture was a plunge with my sixth graders (seven years ago), feet first is good too!

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