Beartown (#sol18 Day 12/31)

Today I am wondering: Have you read this book? And by read, I mean…

Have you picked it up at the airport because you loved A Man Called Ove? Have you gotten instantly and utterly sucked into these characters’ lives and hearts? Have you set aside the fact that you know nothing about ice hockey because you are too busy feeling the power of how a team can knit a town together? Have you lost track of time and space because you’re so invested in this town’s journey? Have you full-on sob-cried again and again, complete with running snot and hitching breaths, on the airplane as you fly through the pages? Have you spent the morning achingly contemplating the deep and immeasurable capacity that humans hold for pain and for love?



In that case, I have a book recommendation for you.

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  1. I read it a few weeks ago, and it was amazing. I am dying for the sequel that is coming out in June!!! (Once I recovered from the ending and the entire experience, I realized there were some pretty significant loose ends.) I know nothing about ice hockey and watched it all through the Olympics because I had just finished Beartown!

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    1. Good call on the recovery time! 😳 I can’t even imagine where the sequel will lead. I hear ya on the hockey – I feel like this book tuned me into hockey the way that The Power of One did for boxing. Neither are sports that are on my radar, but through the books I’ve gotten an inner view (and loads of respect) into the depth and passion of their participants. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the sequel in June, thanks for letting me know!

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  2. Thanks for the book rec.- I enjoyed how you advertised it by making me anxious that I am missing out! LOL- Honestly I did request it from our public library but I never cracked it and then it was due back. I will have to try it again thanks to your encouraging review. I’ve had a deluge of books I’ve requested on my bedside table in a sad stack. I’m overwhelmed by it. 🙂 thanks again.

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  3. YES!!! My book club chose this for our December read, and boy were we in for a surprise! I swear I ignored my family and finished it between Christmas and New Years. And I don’t even care about hockey! Your writing is equally riveting, punctuated with such voice and enthusiasm. I can’t wait for the sequel.

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  4. I laughed and cried through both Ove and Britt-Marie (highly recommended!). Bear Town is in my Audible library, it will be read soon, unless…I change my mind and read it on my trip to CA at the end of this month! Love the author, thanks for the post about the book.

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    1. I haven’t yet read Britt-Marie, thanks for the recommendation! I think I’m now a true fan of this author and will eat up anything of his that is put in front of me. An audible version of this would be a great way to go, too. Enjoy having this tale wrap you up!


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