Not My Words (#sol18 Day 20/31)

Today’s slice/s is/are brought to you by my brilliant students. Their perspectives are just so much more interesting than mine.

Student A: Kristina, can you look for my tooth after school? I lost it yesterday. It fell out of my bag. It should be by where I sit and it’s about the same size as this one (pointing to his mouth).

Students A and B: We made this poster for Who Would Win: Hornet vs. Wasp, and we would rate this book five out of five stingers.

Student A: Kristina, I thought that this cursive J was an F. I read it, Fack, instead of, Jack! (insert teacher cringe…)

Student A: The only detention that I would want to do is the detention of recess. Then I would only have to practice recess. That’s what you do in detention.

Student A: I can’t go outside for recess today because I don’t have my outside shoes. I only have my airport shoes. You know… my handsome shoes.

Student A (drawing a picture): I just don’t know what the body of a panda looks like.

Student B: It’s short and round, I think.

Student C: But not as short as a sun bear.

Student A: Yeah, not as short as a sun bear.

And then there’s this… it just makes me giggle every time!


In possibly related news, today is the International Day of Happiness. I hope you got to celebrate!



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