My rule for this week… (#sol18 Day 26/31)

In order to shore up any possible defenses that I may need this week (Spring Break with lots of uncharted family time), I decided to give myself a rule.

It’s nice to have a rule to which you can refer when you find yourself grasping for some additional support or stability.

Here’s my rule:

I am not going to answer questions about anyone else’s plans or thoughts or past words or feelings. I am going to be responsible for myself.

“Is your mother going to…”

“Did Dad say…”

“Isn’t your brother supposed to…”


Nope. Go to the source. Ask the person directly. Have a conversation. I am not this trip’s Keeper of the Knowledge.

12 thoughts on “My rule for this week… (#sol18 Day 26/31)

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  1. Great rule! Your bringing light to that answering for others thoughts, plans, feelings, makes me aware of how that plays out in my life as well. I just might adopt your rule. πŸ™‚

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