✨ SUMMER! ✨ (#solTuesday)

Here’s my (as of right now) summer plan:

• To enjoy: Hikes, yoga, paddleboard, bikes, laughing with friends, outside concerts, not setting a morning alarm.

• To see: CO, UT, MT, WA, VT, NYC

• To read:

(This is just one of my summer reading piles!)

• To do: Cut my hair (✔️)!

• To remember: Summer is fleeting (especially when you start planning adventures and flipping those calendar pages!), but it is the main source of fuel for the entire school year. Teaching would not be a sustainable profession without Summer Break. Don’t feel guilty, don’t try to explain it away to folks who seem cranky about your seemingly unfair schedule. Enjoy it, soak it up, and store those smiles away for a future grumpy day. You’ve earned it. ❤️

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