Today’s brain winder-upper… (#solTuesday)

I’m doing something quite extravagant.

I’m reading a new book.


Not a professional book, not a book club book, not a kid’s book, but a big ol’ fat novel. Just for me.

I’m reading Killing Commendatore by Murakami, and I’m only a little bit into it but I’ve already come across some brain-winding words:

Our lives really do seem strange and mysterious when you look back on them. Filled with unbelievably bizarre coincidences and unpredictable, zigzagging developments. While they are unfolding, it’s hard to see anything weird about them, no matter how closely you pay attention to your surroundings. In the midst of the everyday, these things may strike you as simply ordinary things, a matter of course. They might not be logical, but time has to pass before you can see if something is logical.

The idea that only time and hindsight can shift the everyday into the mystical, the coincidental, and even the logical is highly engaging to me. I’m going to enjoy taking my time with this book.

What words or ideas are you digesting these days?

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