When you climb a mountain… (#solTuesday)

I recently returned from a whirlwind alpine adventure: I flew out to Washington and climbed and skied Mt. Baker with Mike. My brain was still swirling with the end of the school year and all of the craziness that is involved with this time of year. I thought I was wackadoodle crazy for leaving my school universe and jumping right on over to the climbing universe. But… as I finally exhaled on the plane as I flew up to the Pacific North WET it occurred to me that there are actually lots of crossovers between mountaineering and other aspects of my pieced together life…

When you climb a mountain, your feet must be ready. Thanks goodness for a snowy winter of skiing and continuous springtime weekend alpine adventures.

When you climb a mountain, you must be patient and steady. Thank goodness for first and second graders who demand patience and consistency.

When you climb a mountain, you must keep breathing. Thank goodness for the lasting routines of yoga.

When you climb a mountain, you must have plenty of warm layers. Thank goodness for Raynaud’s Syndrome, keeping me on the lookout for potential chilly and humid weather.

When you climb a mountain, you must be balanced, light, and stable. Thank goodness for years of bandha work.

When you climb a mountain, you must have all of your ducks in order and be totally prepared for any scenario. Thank goodness for teaching and for having to keep those hundreds of mental tabs open, running, and refreshing at all times.

When you climb a mountain, you must work with your team. Thank goodness for community.

Do you ever notice various parts of your life blending together? Is it a bit bizarre, or is it just the happy side effect of living a full life?

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