Thanks, Jen ❤️ (#solTuesday)

Jen Pastiloff has been making my days lately. Do you know her work? I started reading On Being Human this past weekend, and then this amazing blurb came through my IG feed tonight:

Be happy for people.

Genuinely happy.

But don’t assume or compare.

Or make it mean anything

About you.

It’s kind of stupefying to stand

Where you are

In your own life

And be content.

Don’t compare yourself.

The grass is NOT always


Sometimes it’s brown

And needs watering.

Do not wallow in your own suckery.

Water your own lawn.

If you needed these words tonight, then soak ‘em up. If not tonight, then maybe they’ll take root another day. Tuck ‘em away until then. ❤️

3 thoughts on “Thanks, Jen ❤️ (#solTuesday)

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  1. I like this post quite a lot–it’s hard to be genuinely happy– I think it’s part of our nature these days to compare. For whatever reason we do compare it can certainly leave us wanting and that’s not a recipe for healthy living. I am definitely going to tuck this away- thank you for sharing!

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