Day 1: It’s March Again?! (#sol21)

Woah. Really? It’s March 1st?

Holy smokes. Guess it’s time to start writing and sharing slices of life all month…WOOHOO!!

In typical Kristina Fashion, I don’t have a lengthy or thoughtful post planned for Day 1 of #sol21, but here’s what I *do* know about today:

Make sure you have your self-nourishing plan at the ready at all times. You never know when it might be the thing that veers you off the path of Oh My God My Husband Has A Big Ol’ Concussion And I Have To Take A Day Off Of School To Make Sure His Brains Aren’t Totally Scrambled And Get Him To The Doctor. When you need that plan, damn – you NEED it.

Yoga saved my sanity tonight.

It is now okay that tomorrow’s right around the corner. Now it can happen. Now I’m ready for it.


PS: All’s good in the brain hood. 👍🏼

9 thoughts on “Day 1: It’s March Again?! (#sol21)

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  1. Oh no! What a way to start March. I’m glad your husband’s brain is ok, and glad you are here to slice! I like the line “It is now ok that tomorrow’s right around the corner.” Sometimes it isn’t ok!

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