Signs of Spring (Day 7/31 #sol21)

When the sunshine coaxes your bare arms out from underneath your sweatshirt?

When you realize it’s the birds that wake you up in the morning instead of your alarm?

When the snow on the bike path is too sloppy but boots are too warm?

When you’re having thoughts of warm sunny boat days and long hikes in the mountains AND you’re not quite done with big powder dreams of the season?

When your shoes squelch through the mud that gets deeper and goopier as the day progresses and the snowbanks shrink?

When the hill outside your house is more brown than white?

When you look at the forecast and see that this week’s 50* blue sky days are about to be replaced by a 30* snowy week?


It might just about be spring.

11 thoughts on “Signs of Spring (Day 7/31 #sol21)

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  1. Enjoy your Spring-like weather! In the Texas Panhandle, we are transitioning into spring with Mid-Upper 70* and 80* weather with a side of Critical and Elevated Fire Conditions due to strong and consistent winds!

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