Just Love Yourself Til Then (Day 10/31 #sol21)

Today’s just one of those days. Maybe you’re having one or have recently had one, too?

The hard seems harder. The unknown seems vast. The checklists seem overbearing. The unsaid seems massively heavy. The next steps seem clouded and partially erased.

But, you know what?

This is just today. Tomorrow is a brand new day, and a shift in perspective often hovers only a few deep breaths away.

However, before we zoom right ahead to brighter lenses, I think it’s important to acknowledge the existence of these duller ones. Let’s not sweep this under the rug. It’s okay to have a day like today. It’s okay to feel the weight of reality. It’s okay to feel feelings on the other side of the spectrum from, “I’m great!” It’s all part of it, right?

Here’s a poem that I like to circle back around to when I find myself in one of these days. Perhaps you may find a little comfort in it on one of those days, too.


9 thoughts on “Just Love Yourself Til Then (Day 10/31 #sol21)

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  1. I feel your words and wish you a soothing today and a fabulous “tomorrow”.
    My nephew (years ago!) used to recite a daily pledge (Friends school) to help uplift and encourage a positive outlook – and day. I try to remind myself…

    Today is a new day.
    I am responsible for making it great.
    For every choice I make, there is a consequence.
    I will respect myself and others.

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  2. This morning looked like it was going to be one of those days for me too, and this year, you are SO right, “the hard seems harder”. But then we write about it, and others get to join us in this, to connect, to process, and then we all benefit. I love the idea of “just love yourself til then”.

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