Take It For A Ride! (Day 28/31 #sol21)

My “reset” portion of my day was making it to Buddhi Yoga this morning for that smile-inducing dose of loud music, shaking EVERYTHING, and the creation of more space where things have been feeling super stuck.

My friend Edgar was also in class this morning and he had some fabulous words of yoga life wisdom to share. (I really should say that he had some MORE wisdom to share because he’s always full of shareable life nuggets!)

My Yin practice? That’s like taking my body into the repair shop. My regular practice? That’s my scheduled maintenance. And Buddhi? Buddhi is taking all of this for a RIDE!


Don’t you love it?! And that’s exactly what we all did in the energy-filled hot room this morning. We took it all for a ride.


Do you have a similar metaphor for your levels of self-maintenance?

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