Did It! But With Less Sound Effects… (Day 31/31 #sol22)

Today was the day.

Yes, today’s the final day of the 2022 Slice of Life challenge, and yes, this means that I’ve written and published for 31 days straight but that’s not totally the day that I mean.

Today was the day that I said I’d teach a yoga class with just sound effects. Remember that?

I was about seven minutes into teaching tonight’s class when I realized what day it was. Tomorrow is April, which means it’s gonna be April Fool’s Day, which means that today is the Thursday that isn’t April Fool’s Day, which means SOUND EFFECTS IN YOGA.

I tried.

I really did.

And all sixteen students chimed in with some incredible sound effects for raising arms, for lowering arms, for setting shoulders, for stepping forward, for stepping back, and (of course) for shaking everything loose. There were some truly awesome noises in our happy hot room tonight.

But I couldn’t make it through the whole class like that.

Something got in the way.

You know what it was?

(I bet you can guess!)

Every time I saw and heard tonight’s students joining in with creative sound effects as they were smoothly moving their bodies in ways that worked for and supported their own needs…

I. Couldn’t. Stop. Smiling. And. Laughing.

My giggle became the universal sound effect for the evening, which then dissolved into class giggles, which then led us to our next pose.

Actually, now that I think about it, this wasn’t a failure at all.

Laughing yoga on a Thursday night?

Total success.

Grateful for my Thursday Night Yoga Crew. Grateful for five years (so far!) of the Slice of Life writing challenge. Grateful for you, dear reader, for being a consistent audience that I get to connect with.

With smiles and giggles, and until next time,


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