What’s Your Story? (#sol18 Day 11/31)

Ask more questions. Wonder why. Find the story.

My Uber driver has lived in Chicago for 11 years. He feels no need to ever go back to India again because his whole family now lives within a couple of blocks of his house. He has worked for Uber for nine months. He drives seven days a week, but only half days on Saturdays and Sundays because he has a daughter and he wants to spend time at home with her. He used to work in the grocery industry, but without education he didn’t know what else he could do to make more money for his family. Uber gave him that path. He now makes more than I make as a public school teacher in Colorado. He loves his job and I was his last Sunday ride before heading home.

My yoga neighbor in this afternoon’s workshop was born and raised in Chicago. She is tall, like me, and also giggles when she has to squat down for group photos. She has a first grader and loves seeing the changes of “this age”. She was super curious about how my mixed-age classroom works, and about my thoughts on homework for young kiddos. Her daughter has math and literacy homework every night. She loves Colorado and has lots of fun when she visits Steamboat in the summer, but she’s not thinking of leaving Chicago. At all. This is her place and these are her people.

Who did you meet today?

15 thoughts on “What’s Your Story? (#sol18 Day 11/31)

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  1. You made me think how some days we re”meet” people who’ve sort of been around for a while. Today I met another hockey parent on my son’s team. I never knew he had 2 older daughters, or how proud he was of them and how excited to have bought the oldest her wedding dress recently.

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  2. What a great way to think…as a writer makes me think of character sketches. Love it. I will be thinking of your post tomorrow as I meet people at my workshop!

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  3. What a great way to think about the day… who did you meet! Today I stayed at home… but I did go on that dog walk… so I “met” the person walking down the street, said hello… 🙂

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