Be right back… (#solTueday)

I could tell you so many things about how the start of the school year is going.

I could tell you how my second grade readers are already up to 22 minutes of independent reading stamina.

I could tell you how my first grade readers received a reading partner today for the very first time and that they totally stayed on task for the remainder of Reading Workshop.

I could tell you how The Secret Stories are igniting curiosity throughout our whole classroom as readers and writers learn more about letters and sounds, and how these “grown-up secrets” are subsequently (and excitedly!) being found all over the place.

I could tell you how The Breathing Tool has equipped first and second graders with the ability to pause and take some breaths when things don’t go their way, thus lessening the frequency and intensity of larger disappointed breakdowns.

I could do all of those things, but right now I have to run. I just found out that Stephen King has a new book out and I need to skedaddle and go do some more research on it right now at this very second so bye.

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