Day 31/31 #sol21

One month.

Daily, public, posted writing, every day for one month.

My favorite part about the annual Slice of Life challenge is the refreshed change in perspective that I always walk away with.

If *I* think it’s tricky coming up with something to write about for 31 days, then how do I think my students feel when they’re stumped throughout the year? My writer’s empathy grows leaps and bounds in March.

I was reminded this month of three strategies that boost me when I feel uninspired: changing the structure, using someone else’s words, or tuning in to my senses.

Know what’s going to be fun?

Offering these types of supports to my first grade writers the next time I see those anxious looks of I-don’t-know-what-to-write-about.

Many thanks to the Two Writing Teachers crew for once again leading the way and inspiring us all to put our proverbial pens where our mouths are. I am better for it.


9 thoughts on “Day 31/31 #sol21

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  1. I hate to see SOL31 “end”. I find I look forward to it. You have validated for me the thought that you don’t have to write a novel each time and this has encouraged me to be a bit-more-regular-though-not-quite-daily in my own journaling. Thank you!
    I also feel like I have a window (open a crack?) into your world – even though I’m across the country! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for an occasional nugget of wisdom. Happy April.

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  2. I second that motion. This has been a wonderful and riveting experience – for me, the second time – and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thanks so much for sharing your slices with us. ~Carla Michelle

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  3. I love these suggestions: “changing the structure, using someone else’s words, or tuning in to my senses.” I’m going to have to bookmark them so I remember them for always. I love the line, too, “Know what’s going to be fun?” It feels like it conveys such delight about writing with students!

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