Taken Down By My Brain (#sol18 Day 16/31)

Everyone has a thing, right? Some quirk or ailment that sets them apart from other “normal” people from time to time?

Ocular migraines are my thing.

I’ve been seeing a neurologist (which I totally can’t say without thinking of that line from Suzy Greenberg) for over a year now, keeping a headache journal, and being hyper-sensitive about my triggers.

I had an appointment yesterday afternoon, and it was a great one. I hadn’t had an eye episode (as I call them) since October, and my ocular life was feeling more reliable. They weren’t concerned, and said I could change my every-six-month appointment schedule to a once-a-year schedule. Score!

So guess what happens this morning?


I’m halfway through a conversation with a parent this morning when I realize, “Holy shit, I can’t see.” Ugh. Of course this happens the day after I’ve decided that things are looking up.

The scintillating auras took over my vision through our morning meeting, which was less than ideal. Faking functioning vision in front of 31 first and second graders (and their parent) is not the way your day should start. I also had to present a bit of poetry at our All School Meeting, so I grabbed some eager volunteers to do the reading and speaking for me.

My vision returned before the end of ASM, so it really wasn’t as bad as it could have been. The dull and heavy ache of a vice grip on my temples, however, stayed with me for the rest of the day.

My take-home messages from this less than stellar Friday? Don’t assume anything, keep the lights turned off, grab the ibuprofen before you think you’ll need it, trust that your students will know what to do, and keep taking those deep inhales and exhales.

We’ll make it through these rough patches. ❤️

PS: The image up top is a fairly accurate rendition of what I see when one of these suckers starts to hit.

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  1. Ocular migraine – what an awful quirk to have! And yet you still managed to post your slice. You will make it through these rough patches, with a good piece of writing out of it to boot.

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