Finding connection on a solo trip (#sol18 Day 25/31)

As it turns out, spending quality time with one’s own brain allows for a clarification and clearing of existing muddledness, which, in turn, opens up said brain to the possibilities of deeper connections with others.

Funny how that works.

This weekend’s trip was originally planned to be a cut and dry, solo trip for me to rack up some knowledge and some continuing education points as a yoga teacher. On the surface, that’s what it totally was. I drove by myself, I took handstand breaks by myself (see photo), I had a hotel room by myself, I ate dinner and breakfast by myself, I took notes by myself, I got coffee by myself, I practiced by myself, and I pondered – a LOT – by myself.

However, here’s what I also found this weekend:

  • Conversations with yoga teachers who live across Colorado and the rest of the country.
  • Shared smiles and laughter with one of my favorite teachers.
  • Heartfelt and heart-opening conversations with Mike, from afar.
  • Tail-wagging moments of love with the zillions of dogs who walk the streets of Telluride.
  • A human connection with the sweet woman in the stall next to me who didn’t have any toilet paper
  • Hugs, lunch, stories, laughs, and even more hugs with dear friends who I haven’t seen in six years.
  • Expert style advice from a woman who happened to swing through the same shops as I did. (I have her to thank for my new labradorite cuff! 💙)

While these connections were not a part of my original Kristina’s Super-Official Trip Itinerary, they 100% enhanced my trip beyond what I could have anticipated. I very easily could have kept my head down all weekend, stayed muddled up in my own world, ignored everyone in class, ignored everyone I passed on the street, and had an extremely solo experience.


I could have done that.

But there’s also no way I could have done that.

That’s the beauty of it.

When we feed ourselves with what fuels us, we can’t help but overflow into the paths of those around us.

7 thoughts on “Finding connection on a solo trip (#sol18 Day 25/31)

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  1. Knowing you, I think there is no way you could be completely “solo” and non-interactive. Even a passing smile from you is infectious! (and I’m sure she remembers and appreciated the TP from the next stall!😅)


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