Just Keep Going (#solTuesday)

I opened an email today from Cerries Mooney. I signed up for her newsletter last summer, when I was creating my yoga website and exploring the different ways to define and express my identity (no small task!). I hadn’t received an email from Cerries in quite some time, so when I saw her name in my inbox I was excited to read her words. And wouldn’t you know it… she had said/written exactly what I needed to hear/read:

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 4.43.07 PM

Did you catch that last part? JUST KEEP GOING.

Yes, her first few thoughts echo the anxious stress I felt at times during the March #sol18 challenge, but that last gem currently fits me to the core.

Stuck in that drowsy and snotty world that exists between germ fog and allergy fog? Just keep going.

Unsure of what to teach tomorrow morning because you lost your planning time this month? Just keep going.

Huddling in your three jackets on recess duty because the 60* sunny day suddenly shifted into a 25* sideways-blowing snowstorm up on the mesa? Just keep going.

Wanting to go home and crawl into bed but knowing that tonight’s yoga class will kick your ass back into normalcy? Just keep going.

Stressing about getting no responses to emails? Just keep going.

Feeling overwhelmed by… the rapidly approaching end of the school year, the challenge of pulling off the school play, the urgency of planning and executing an outdoor ed experience for 70+ people, finding the courage to gather the whole staff together to plan next year’s schedule based on students’ needs, the organization that is required to prepare for an upcoming portfolio night, and the reality (which, even after 17 years of this schedule, is still hard) of having to say goodbye to your mountain-guiding other half as he leaves in May for the rest of the summer?




We’ve got this.

The sun is starting to peek through the clouds. Just keep going.

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