It’s About Time… (#solTuesday)

Time is a funny thing.

The end of the school year frequently comes my way with the speed and sneakiness of a sneeze, and the force of a first grader, slamming his lunchbox down on the table to secure a spot; “Take THAT, you silly teacher who thought you were prepared and on top of it! Let’s see how you manage THIS!” (Enter evil snickers, lopsided sneers, wiggling eyebrows, and gleeful palm-rubbing.)

I’ve really appreciated all of the recent TWT posts on the power of reflection. Reflection is an essential piece of any learning journey. How are you supposed to know how you’ve grown if you don’t have the opportunity to pause and reflect on where you started and the choices you made?

This fickle time business sets me spinning into a state of opposition…

I want to provide my students the time to reflect upon their academic and social growth this year… AND… I only have ten full classes left with my kiddos and we need to continue to hit this year out of the park.


When the thoughts flit about too quickly and my brain feels like it’s about to explode, I turn to yoga. I went to my friend Tyler’s yoga class tonight, and he had a fabulous expression for this dichotomy of pressures: This is the runoff season, the peak level.

This sentiment fit my perceptions of the week as perfectly as it fits what’s about to happen in our local rivers –

Shit’s runnin’ high.

The good news is, when I can frame what’s happening within a more logical system, I find comfort in remembering there’s a natural timeline at play. When there’s no more less excess, the levels will drop. Normalcy will (sort of) return, and it will be business as (mostly) usual. There will be time enough for all of it – for the intentional reflections, for the sharing of celebrations, for finishing up the year strong…

Just gotta hold on until then.


The rainbow shines through

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  1. What a great, honest, real & raw perspective! Yesterday a colleague said we’re “Coordinators of Chaos.” Especially at the end of the year. Love your focus about remembering that there’s a natural timeline. How balancing. This runoff, too, shall pass and you’ll make it.

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