Summer Reading Update (#solTuesday)

Step One: Discover a new (not really, but when you finally have weekdays off, everything seems new!) local bookstore.

Step Two: Grab two new books. Relish in that feeling you get when you purchase two for real books that aren’t Audible downloads.

Step Three: Whip through the first one in a hot second. Realize that you’ll be coming back to this one many many times over.

Step Four: Start the second one. Soak it ALL up. Mark the heck out of the pages. Don’t worry – it’s your very own copy. Nobody will yell at you.

Step Five: Share tidbits of second book with your yoga classes. Writers, yogis, whatevs. We’re all on a journey.

Step Six: Keep on keeping on. The book piles await. Happy reading!


P.S.: Because it was so obviously one of my first moves between steps two and three I didn’t mention it, but… remember to give your new books a nice big whiff before cracking those spines. Ahhhhh. New book smell. #bibliosmia #thanksmrschue

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