Ahh, adventures ❤️ (#solTuesday)

I’m alive!

I was tried and tested, and I made it through the Torment-Forbidden Traverse in one piece. All of my (to be honest, these are mostly Mike’s) skills were called upon at one point or another: rock climbing, route finding, phish lyric singing, ice climbing, deep breathing, dried mango snacking, bollard building, loose rock mitigation, problem solving, rappelling, glacier navigating, managing exposure, ice cave drip absorption, ridge bivying, blister avoiding (my foot training totally worked!), “moat”aineering, rapids jumping, positive self talk. No easy task, that last one. 😳

There is no possible way to fully describe and share this crazy experience, so here are a few (I only have a few because I was generally too scared to stop and dig out my phone) pictures of the route:

And then, riding the strength and love of the past seventeen years (!!!!) of adventures together, came the invitation for the greatest adventure yet…


(Of course I said YES! I later asked Mike what would have happened if I had said no. His response? “Good luck getting down off that fucking mountain by yourself!” 😂😂😂)

PS: I really tried (like, three different times) to add helpful captions to these pictures and a little panoramic video from the top, but it’s just not working. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Let me know if you have clarifying questions!

14 thoughts on “Ahh, adventures ❤️ (#solTuesday)

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  1. Wow … so amazingly beautiful and frightening at the same time!! The pictures are gorgeous. What a thrilling adventure … and then what a surprise at the end! Congrats to you and Mike! (I loved his response too if you said no …. lol!)

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  2. My heart swells for you guys!!!
    (We celebrated you & Mike with your Dad in Maine yesterday – and, of course, your mom by phone!) XO

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    1. So absolutely phenomenal!! K2, you’re one of my favorite people on his planet and to see you continually push yourself, smile through everything, and share be positivity is an inspiration to me every day… but to see you happy is priceless and most well deserved!!! And even more importantly, I’m glad your both safe and sound!! Congratulations to you and Mike!! Xoxo

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