Nineteen (#solTuesday)

Ever notice a certain number following you around through your days?

Most recently, the number 19 has been stalking my literary intakes…

19: the page of Jessamyn Stanley’s book that was referenced in the Free Cookies podcast I just listened to (you gotta check it out – Kathryn Budig and Kate Fagan are incredible). Being honest about balancing the perceived sunshine and rainbows of a so-called yogic life with the darker and real “fuckery” that exists in our daily lives? I’m in.

19: pops up all over the place in Stephen King books, which are my most favoritist. Ever. In fact, each time I get to chapter nineteen, I steel myself for whatever might come next.

19: the amendment (yay for women’s voting rights!) most recently discussed in Jon Meacham’s The Soul of America: The Battle for our Better Angels, which I’m currently enjoying through Audible.

Nineteen also shows up for me in other ways…

19: my birthday.

19: my mom’s birthday.

19: my brother’s birthday.

19: my cousin’s birthday.

19: Mike’s dad’s birthday.

19: our former dog’s birthday (the vet told us – I swear I didn’t pick it out!).

19: lines of text in this post (on the WordPress app, anyway!).

2 thoughts on “Nineteen (#solTuesday)

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  1. For me, the number is 3. I have never lived at a home without a 3 in the address, and I’ve stopped looking for/at ones that don’t. The number shows up in other places in my life, and I love it. There’s something comforting to me in “3.” It’s nice to know that there are others who feel the same way. Thank you for sharing!

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