Day 4/31 #sol19

Why are Mondays so Mondayish?

I’m serious. I really want to know.

‘Cause there are always those “folks out there” who say that it’s a mindset, that it’s all in how you look at it, that a Monday can feel like a Friday if you really want it to.


I really wanted this Monday to feel like a Friday. Like, I REALLY wanted it to. But no matter how much I wanted to shift that mindset of mine, in reality, it just didn’t happen.

I have a sneaky suspicion that The Small Clients had something to do with that, and honestly? I think we all can relate to the extra effort that’s required for a “successful” transition away from a weekend. Just think of all the shifts that occur every time we move from a weekend to the school week (this list assumes that you are not sharing your weekend home space with 28 other human beings. If that assumption does not apply to you, then I apologize for lumping you in. Please feel free to skip ahead to your next blog of choice):

  • Less boundaries to more boundaries
  • More personal space to less personal space
  • More choice over clothing to less choice over clothing (usually… pjs or animal onesies coming to school kind of negate this point)
  • More personal attention to less personal attention
  • Less sharing of materials to more sharing of materials
  • Less sharing of air space to more sharing of air space

That’s a lot of shift for one day. No wonder Mondays are so notable.

How was your Monday?

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