Day 15/31 #sol19

I often get asked whether or not I use my personal days at school. We have a few of them built into our contract, and folks are genuinely curious about how all of that works.

Now is about the point in the year when I realize that I’ve gotta get my butt in gear and schedule myself some personal days. I will lose them if I don’t use them, and I’m not one for leaving money on the table.


That means sub plans.

WHY is it such a challenge for me to write up sub plans? Why? It shouldn’t be that hard.

Well… I’ll tell you why:

It’s because of the millions of little tiny details that we, as teachers, soak up into our general knowledge bank every day that are really quite difficult to describe to people who don’t spend their days in the classroom. I mean, seriously. How do you translate all of that emotional and educational shrapnel?

But you know what?

If I could transfer the item of “writing sub plans” into the category of JUST GET IT DONE (rather than the category of GET IT DONE PERFECTLY), then maybe I could get on with the business of planning fun personal days this spring.

Here’s hoping.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I feel the same way about sub plans. It took me two hours the other night to write them when I was sick because of all the details that need to go in them. I have learned, though, that five years from now my students aren’t going to remember that I was gone on this given day. I hope it is/was a good day off.

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  2. Yep…you got it right. Just do it…and don’t worry. The kids will survive–and you will come back refreshed and better! (But I know, I have the same anguish as I write mine–it’s easier to give advice than to take it!)

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  3. I know what you mean! But now I try to remind myself how good it felt to get called in when I was substitute teaching. And somehow everyone seems to manage with out me. So it is worth the extra work!

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  4. emotional and educational shrapnel… Definitely the right word choice! It takes me long enough to write adequate sub plans, let alone “good” ones. But those personal says are SO worth it. Thanks for sharing!

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