Day 29/31 #sol19

The other day was my 100th blog post.

Yikes. Really? 100 posts? From me? 100 public shares of my thoughts, questions, adventures, and struggles? Woah.

It doesn’t seem to me like I’ve produced even half of that number over the last year. I still feel very new at this. I am still very new at this.

This year’s Slice of Life challenge is nearing its end as we close out the month of March. Something that is not feeling like it’s nearing its end is this sticky habit of writing. I find myself being grateful for the continuation of #solTuesday posts as this month of daily writing wraps up, which is a different feeling than the hesitantly optimistic feelings that I was experiencing around this time last year. Last year, I wasn’t sure if I could (or even if I wanted to) keep up a weekly writing and posting habit for an entire year.

As it turns out…

I did it. A few missed Tuesdays here and there, but all in all? I did it. This whole writing situation is sneakier than I’d assumed. Somehow it’s weaseled its way into the fibers of my being, and now I can’t really imagine life without this outlet. Isn’t it funny how that happens?

Here’s to finishing #sol19 strong, to continuing with #solTuesday posts, and to living a (public) writerly life. My next 100 posts are already gearing up to come your way.

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  1. Congratulations! 100 posts is a great time to celebrate. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to slice for 31 days straight the first time I tried the challenge. It still amazes me that I can keep coming up with ideas to write about!

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