Teamwork makes the… (#solTuesday)

I love team teaching.

I love moving through my school day next to my trusted partners as we craft and nurture our first and second grade classroom. Working as a team offers countless opportunities to observe, to wonder, to take risks, and to grow as educators. If any one of us feels stuck and needs some support in a situation, then we have two additional compassionate and creative brains to consult. We go to professional development together and bring ideas back to our classroom.

Our students also benefit from this team teaching approach. Three teachers means three different personalities and three different adults to get to know and love. Three teachers means three sets of eyes on students over the span of two years in the 1-2 classroom. (Of course, three teachers can also mean three different adults on whom to pull the “Mommy-Daddy” game, but we’re all in the know so it doesn’t phase us!)

Here’s the thing…

I need a new team! One of my work wives will be our school’s principal next year, and I am in need of a new team member.

Here’s a link to what’s on the table at the Aspen Community School. Think you (or another TCRWP fanatic) might be interested? I’m a pretty awesome work wife…

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  1. I was just reflecting on team work today! There’s nothing like a great team full of collaboration! 🙂 Sorry you are losing a team member! I hope you find a great replacement! Congrats to your colleague on their principalship. 🙂

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