Positivity (#solTuesday)

Positivity is a value that I share with my colleagues. How great is that?!

At our staff meeting this afternoon, we listed our shared values and then shored up those values with evidence from our current school year. Along with positivity, we celebrated joy, perseverance, commitment, adventure, and a few other gems.

These shared values are our glue, and they have kept us sane this year. The long and short of it? We have had a pretty shit year. We have had a year wrought with sadness and with loss. We have had to come together as a community and mourn the deaths of two of our most beloved members, mentors, and friends. Throughout all of this, we have held each other up. We have supported one another through our sadness and disbelief. Underneath it all are, truly, the bonds of our values.

Navigating this past school year, side by side with my colleagues, has absolutely reinforced my knowledge that I am, one thousand percent, in the place I’m meant to be.

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