Defying… something! (#solTuesday)

I am on a whirlwind trip to NYC with my friend and colleague. Four full and smile-enlarging days in the big city have looked a little something like this:

Day 1:

  • wake up at 1:30am to drive four hours up and over to the airport
  • fly from CO to NYC
  • narrowly survive not barfing on a super bumpy and stomach-churning approach into LGA
  • make our way to “our” neighborhood and somehow avoid the sudden sideways umbrella-bending squalls and puddle-filled soaking side streets as we wait for our hotel room to be ready
  • soak up some local knowledge from close-talking Julie and her little 17 year old dog Scooter
  • set up in the hotel, go out for some yummy ramen, wander around, find some heavenly gelato, and finally tuck in after an 18 hour day

Day 2:

  • head right on up to Columbia University to check in for the TCRWP Phonics Institute
  • revel in all of the inspiration, all day long! Holy smokes, these folks are true professionals.
  • back to the hotel for an excited information share/download
  • out for a good ol’ hot and sweaty yoga class
  • find ourselves conveniently in the vicinity of Margarita Monday
  • take advantage of that timely offer
  • try my first Frito Pie (it was life-changing)
  • stroll back to the hotel
  • ahhhhh, sleep

Day 3 (today!):

  • early morning yoga class to get rid of that tequila
  • do our homework that we forgot to do last night
  • back up to Columbia for more TCRWP knowledge and connecting
  • enjoy a rushed lunch with our favorite homemade iced tea because we also had to patiently wait to purchase some stuffed animal mascots (and their outfits, duh) for the new phonics programs
  • back to school
  • return to the hotel to change, swap thoughts and questions, try to iron out next year’s schedule details, do some more homework, and add some necessary sparkles
  • grab a quick glass of wine and some nibblets
  • see Wicked!!!!!
  • unabashedly cry at the super dramatic parts (Defying Gravity, I’m looking at YOU)
  • pretend we’re professional dancers as we traipse back to the subway
  • contemplate doing a handstand in the middle of Times Square but back out before anything drastic happens
  • settle for a rushed and squishy faced selfie instead
  • race the summer storms back to the hotel
  • finish homework
  • write blog
  • pack mascots next to stinky yoga clothes (sorry, first and second graders!)
  • ahhhhh, sleep

Day 4 (assumed schedule of events yet to come):

  • early morning yoga class to take full advantage of our free week of classes
  • final pack and homework check
  • lug our luggage and ourselves up to Columbia for one final day of joyous magic with the TCRWP crew
  • stash luggage and write down all of the notes that we possibly can as we finish up our small and large group sessions
  • take a big breath
  • grab some form of transportation back to LGA
  • breeze through the airport systems
  • settle into the plane
  • enjoy a smooth and tranquil flight back to CO
  • successfully locate the car in the ginormous economy parking lot and drive back up and over the mountains to home, arriving approximately 22 hours after waking up
  • dump luggage on the floor
  • dump body into bed
  • ahhhhh, sleep

6 thoughts on “Defying… something! (#solTuesday)

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  1. What a whirlwind of learning, seeing, and sharing! Your agendas made my head spin, but I’m sure it was worth every moment and will fuel your planning for next year. Love that ahhh, sleep at the conclusion of each day. Happy final day and sending good karma for smooth flights and wide awake driving as you wind up your trip. And yes, frito pie is one of life’s happy foods. I enjoyed it as a teen at Sonic Drive-in and still get it when visitng my hometown.

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    1. That’s awesome! I’ve heard that once you’ve entered the Universe of Frito Pie you pretty much stay there forever. The new knowledge of this trip (academic and culinary!) will fuel us for a long time to come. ❤️


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