Hashtag Happy Tuesday (#solTuesday)

Here are some things that I know today:

  • It feels good to remember to post on a Tuesday again. #summerbrain
  • I am so excited to go home to Vermont this week. It’s a much needed and highly soul-filling trip. #ilovermont
  • My classroom is a full on disaster and I have students and parents coming in for a summer book swap this afternoon. #procrastinationmaster
  • When someone tosses you a proverbial weighted and baited burning log, you need to figure out how to sidestep it or just heave it right up and over your head. Navigate it with grace. Don’t let that shit drag you in. Take a day to think about your response if you need to – it’ll all simmer down. #hightrustworkshop
  • A fresh haircut brings a little bounce to your step. #newhairwhodis
  • As I organize new curricular materials, I am realizing that I may need to buy stock in rubber bands. #UnitsOfStudyPhonics
  • If I don’t get this classroom in decent shape before my trip, I won’t have any time to do it before our teacher workdays are here. #pullittogetherweller
  • Just because I’m back at school soon does NOT mean that summertime is over! #keepsurfing #keephiking #keepyogaing #maybecutdownonthelaternights

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