When kids’ questions mar that line of holiday magic… (#solTuesday)

(Winter Break draws near.

Distractions up the wazoo…

Will we all make it?)

My elf on the shelf

Does not believe in your elf.

Tears are of no use.

Tell me I am wrong.

I dare you to question me.

You won’t get your gift.

Santa is not real.

My older sibling said so.

What?! You still believe?!

(But hold on a sec!

What happened to the magic?

You are still so young.

Hang on to moments.

Savor the unknown – just hope.

Let each other dream.

Smile wisely, nod.

Does it matter if she’s wrong?

Seriously, dude.

Hold it together.

If you believe, you receive.

Be compassionate.

Enjoy each other.

Hear someone else’s story.

Yours can still exist.

‘‘Tis the season, right?

Let go of needing to win.

We have two more days…)

Which one will uphold my sanity? 🤔🤔🤔

2 thoughts on “When kids’ questions mar that line of holiday magic… (#solTuesday)

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  1. Love your photo, caption, and poem. The holidays are awesome but also so hard. I just read a post from Geneen Roth saying the same thing- they can be both beautiful and difficult. We have 2 elves on the shelf this year and I am exhausted from trying to think of new hiding places and answering questions about the elves. My son is 9 so not sure how much longer he will still fully buy into this….have a great holiday and winter break.

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    1. Thank you so much! Two elves, huh? That’s a lot of extra brain power “drain”! I saw something this week about how an elf had mysteriously broken his leg and had to stay put for a week – doctor’s orders! 😂😂😂


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