Mindful Inspiration from Kathleen Pelley (#solTuesday)

Kathleen Pelley is an incredible author and speaker. After being a big fan of her picture books, sharing her messages of empathy and kindness with my students, and seeing her present a few times at past CCIRA conferences, I signed up for her newsletter.

She doesn’t send much out (which I am totally appreciative of), so when an email comes my way I always make a point to read through it.

Today’s email was short and sweet. She recounted an experience at a recent retreat where the retreat leader asked everyone to introduce themselves by their first name and one adjective that described them (or how they were feeling) on that one particular day.

Don’t you love that? The act of staying in the present moment and narrowing down a day to a single word demands a level of mindfulness that could benefit all of us.

Here’s mine:

I am Kristina, and I am resilient.

What’s yours?

6 thoughts on “Mindful Inspiration from Kathleen Pelley (#solTuesday)

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  1. I do a similar thing on parent night. I ask the parents to think of one word for their child. It always gives me insight into the family. I often find that I would’ve chosen the same word for the child.
    I’m Deborah, and I’m a listener.

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