Typical (Day 7/31 #sol20)

I made it through another amazing backcountry day today. About seven hours in the ski boots, four skins up and four long and fabulous skis down. We traveled as a happy crew from one town to another, across alpine ridges and through some pretty beautiful terrain.

My feet, once again, miraculously held it together. No blisters, minimal neuroma-based shooting toe pain, and no frozen tootsies.

But then.

As soon as I got home…

I closed the garage door behind me on my way to walk into the house and finally decompress, and I caught the back of my left heel with the bottom edge of the door. I’ve got this half inch, deep, triangular flapper that’s gushing blood down into my flip flop.

Can’t even think of putting my foot in a boot now.



2 thoughts on “Typical (Day 7/31 #sol20)

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  1. Ain’t that the way it goes! you travel the world on skis, survive umpteen thousand dangerous events only to injure yourself at the garage door! Hope you were able to get that gash under control. Sounds like an amazing day tho 🙂

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