What day is it? (Day 24/31 #sol20)

Time is so messed up right now.

I generally lose track of days during Spring Break, which is a welcomed side effect of not being in school and allowing my brain to relax a bit.

But this year? With everything going sideways across the world, with new information coming out multiple times a day, with our extended school closure, AND with Spring Break?

I don’t have a freaking clue what day it is or even how long this whole thing has been going on.

So I do what any self supporting human would do. I look at a calendar.

I am shocked.

It’s only been 11 days since COVID-19 threw my personal schedule to the wind. I know that others have been affected for different amounts of time, but it’s only been 11 days for me.

Feels like it’s been at least a month.

Anyone else feel like they’re in a time warp?

6 thoughts on “What day is it? (Day 24/31 #sol20)

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  1. YES! A definite time warp. I was thinking about that as I drove to the grocery store after dinner tonight. First I thought about how weird it was that I didn’t really know what day it was off the top of my head, and then I realized that I also wasn’t sure what time it was – my car clock was wrong – it said 2:30 — it was like 6:00. And I thought, Wow. If I didn’t know the clock was wrong, I would totally be convinced that it is 2:30! So — it’s like summer kinda… but also weirder.

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