Look out, world! ⛸+🛹=🥴 (Day 29/31 #sol20)

Look what came in the mail!!!

A little backstory…

Our school’s original Spring Musical was going to based on Harry Potter this year. My first and second graders were going to be on a roller skating quidditch team. I was going to be their coach. On stage. On roller skates.

As it turns out, I own roller skates. Doesn’t everyone?! They just happened to be all tucked away in a box in my bedroom back in VT, where they’ve been hiding out since 2001.

I purchased these blue babies for something like $3.50 from a Savers in Denver when I was in college. I used them a handful of times and quickly discovered that I do not know how to stop when gravity turns on. I might actually be the world’s shittiest roller skater.

A few weeks ago, back when I was still planning to be up on stage and skating around with my students, my dad and my neighbors were kind enough to facilitate a “find-and-mail” expedition to get these puppies to me in CO.

And today, they made it to my door. They’re here.

And now the musical is canceled. #stupidCOVID19

Huh. What’s a girl to do with a pair of roller skates, all this available time, and social distancing rules still in place?

Look out, bike path. I’m coming for ya.

8 thoughts on “Look out, world! ⛸+🛹=🥴 (Day 29/31 #sol20)

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  1. OMG! I had those same roller skates when I was a kid (in the early 80’s)! I loved those roller skates and spent HOURS spinning on our patio as a kid – what a great memory you inspired for me tonight. Good luck with your skating! 🙂

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