Today’s Recipe for First and Second Grade


  • 31 trusting and supportive first and second grade families
  • 3 weeks of hybrid learning, school-wide
  • 6 online pre-recorded videos each day (you don’t have to change your hairstyle each day – just go with it!)
  • 6 in-person lessons each day (given the covered nature of your masked up smile, throw in a few extra eyebrow wiggles for good measure)
  • 12 lesson-long servings of patience
  • countless mask breaks
  • a healthy dollop of Book Love (you’ll know you have enough when your students just CAN’T STOP READING!)
  • 18 empathetic colleagues
  • 1 weekly planner, attached to your body at all times
  • 1 heartful of compassion, armed and ready to be streamlined to anyone who may need it (yourself included!)


  1. Gather listed ingredients (in any order you find them).
  2. Mix together with as many dashes of humor as humanly possible.
  3. Take your time and let these ingredients simmer together. Don’t rush the process or your product may fall flat.
  4. Take a big breath and look up every now and then – you may surprise yourself with glimpses of what even become a well-oiled machine.
  5. As you concoct this particular recipe, be sure to regularly refuel yourself with your own personal blend of smile-makers. Some options include: Exercise, cocktails, phone calls with friends and family, fresh air.


  • For a little more spice, throw in thick smoky skies from CA, UT, and CO wildfires. You’re already wearing a mask, so why not?!
  • For extra spice (beware!), throw in a 60 degree temperature drop and inches of cold, wet snow during the school day.
  • Remember: If you think you can rely on your past years of teaching experience to float you through this school year, then toss that ridiculousness right out the window. You’re in the trenches with the rest of us!

Picture support:

Readers at work!
Distanced lunch with other grades.
Yay for fresh air!
Avid readers read EVERYWHERE!
September snowfall.

9 thoughts on “Today’s Recipe for First and Second Grade

Add yours

  1. Great slice. Your ingredients and photos paint a picture of what your first weeks of school are looking like out in CO. You are a trooper and your positive attitude totally brightens my day. Keep hanging in there!

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  2. Oh, my, what a positive take a difficult beginning of the year. I love the direction to gather the ingredients in any order they come up. Isn’t that the truth? Sometimes the things you haven’t come across yet will be changing by the time you get them anyway, so I’m learning to relax about not quite having them yet.

    I also loved this:
    “Remember: If you think you can rely on your past years of teaching experience to float you through this school year, then toss that ridiculousness right out the window. You’re in the trenches with the rest of us!”

    We have two new teachers in our department and as I help them I realized how often I have to say, ‘I don’t know; remember, we are ALL new teachers at this new school.’

    I love the photos. They speak volumes. All the best.


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    1. You’re so right – things are changing so quickly that we have to be able to shift sideways at the drop of a hat. As nimble as that makes us, MAN does it get exhausting to hold that much space for change at all times. Happy “second first year” to you! ❤️

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  3. I love this! I especially find that this can’t come together without a little extra of some of these ingredients (like the “as much as humanly possible” of the humor).

    Thanks for this post. It was both lighthearted and sincere – which can be tough to do!

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      1. This IS hard. But if ever there was a time that my colleagues and I had the chance to truly absorb the idea that good enough is good ENOUGH? It’s now. Hopefully that’s one thing that will come of this!

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