Phenology Wheels (Day 9/31 #sol21)

Have you heard of phenology wheels? I’ve just recently become aware of these wicked cool artistic outlets to track changes in your environment across time.

Imagine a big circle, split into even pie pieces. Each pie piece could be a month in a year, or a day in a month, or any other slice of time that rings true to the artist.

Some people cordon off a month a year and draw what it looks like outside their windows so they can track seasonal changes across a year.

Others prefer to do a moon sketch every day for a month to track the different phases.

I’ve seen gorgeous phenology wheels that capture different birds each month for a year.

Seriously – the opportunities are endless, and people out there are TALENTED. If you search phenology wheels out there on the interwebs, you’ll be blown away. They’re gorgeous.

I’ve tried a teency tiny version of a phenology wheel, and I chose to watercolor a main memory per day for 12 days. Why 12 days? No real reason – it’s just the number of pie slices that my wheel happened to have when I sketched it out on my paper. See?! No big plan necessary!

My watercolor skills are firmly planted in beginner territory, and my general drawing skills might be their shady roommates, but here’s my very first completed phenology wheel:

Tracking my own environment!

I’ve just sketched out a fresh new wheel for round number two… stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Phenology Wheels (Day 9/31 #sol21)

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  1. I love this! What a beautiful way to capture memories. I can see using this with students to capture emotions or affirmations or…anything. I can’t wait to try one for myself. Thanks for sharing (and for including a photo of your efforts – lovely).

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  2. This is so cool. I would love to do this with my students next year. I’ll most likely be teaching third graders. I really like the idea of something each month. What a cool way to track changes.

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