Was It? Yep. (Day 20/31 #sol21)

Was today the windiest day up on the hill yet? Yep.

Was the snow bulletproof and spring soft and wind blown and everything in between? Yep.

Was it a day of short lift lines because everyone seemed to clear out after a blustery run or two? Yep.

Was it a day that would have benefitted from actual sharp edges on skis? Yep.

Was it a day that contained a moment that was eerily like a Warren Miller clip when the wind blew me downhill on the wicked icy patch outside of the bathrooms when I was trying to walk uphill in my ski boots to grab my skis and all I could do was grasp at the flimsy metal ski rack and hope that it didn’t come down the hill with me and scatter everyone else’s skis down the slope? Yep.

Was it a day to enjoy skiing with my dad and my brother because this doesn’t get to happen all the time? Double yep.


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