Reflecting on Getting Ready to Reflect (Day 15/31 #sol22)

Our Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences are this week and this round of check-ins is a bit different than our conferences in the Fall. Instead of just teachers sitting down with parents, our students are actually invited to these conferences. Not only are they invited… they are going to be in charge. These student-led Spring conferences offer our young thinkers, movers, and feelers to lead the conversations with their parents (and us!) about changes they’ve noticed in themselves as readers, writers, mathematicians, artists, musicians, and friends.

We’ve used this week to go through some reflection guidelines for each subject so that they could begin picturing themselves waaaaayyyyyyy back at the start of the school year. Watching their little faces light up as they realize the growth they’ve made since then has definitely been the biggest highlight of this sleepy week.

I’m excited to share these moments of self-assessment, of pride, and of goal-setting with parents on Thursday and Friday. My guess is, that after witnessing a first or second grader thoughtfully lead their way through their own conference, all hearts in the room will swell up a few times past their original size.


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