Plan, schman (#sol23 Day 1/31)


It’s March.

Looks like – somehow – my annual commitment of one month of daily writing has snuck right up on me and has caught me a bit unprepared for what to share.

In our current Now that’s filled with frantically swirling perceptions of time, wouldn’t it be cool if I was one of those writers who already had a backlog of drafts from which to pull ideas and sparks of inspiration? A veritable vault pre-stocked with words and quips? Something that Past Kristina could have kindly set me up with so that I wouldn’t have to start from scratch everyday this month?

Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh. That’s so not me.

I’m a total by-the-seat-of-my-pants writer. What you see is what I’ve just written moments before hitting that “publish” button. If you’re lucky, then I’ve even managed to go back and reread it once or (gasp!) even twice. Now, that’s not to say I don’t get thoughtful about my chosen topics. Indeed, these writing seeds habitually bounce around my noggin for quite some time before they’re actually fit for public consideration. But they’re certainly not politely waiting for me in a folder on my phone. It’s more like a Space Invader type of situation, where I bop back and forth in my brain and see which idea gets a direct hit that day.


Considering that the whole purpose of my participation in this Slice of Life business is to put myself in my students’ shoes and to see what it’s like to write and publish each day, perhaps I should also branch out and give their planning and revising strategies a shot in my own practice.


Stepping into a bit of growth while pushing my comfort zone as a communicating human?


Instead, I’m just gonna go hit that “publish” button…

13 thoughts on “Plan, schman (#sol23 Day 1/31)

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  1. So happy March is here – and you’re back!! I look forward to the daily dose – whether it be wisdom, humor, insight or even heartwarming. Write on!

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  2. SOL March sneaked up on me too. If it hadn’t been for a writing date with a friend last night, I would have completely forgotten. But this is a perfectly fine slice, especially for that first day, just jumping in… (and I love your graphic!)

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  3. I can totally relate! I do everything at the last minute and find that the best ideas usually happen when I’m under pressure and have to think fast.

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  4. I love your humor and sarcasm! Putting “myself in my students’ shoes” is exactly how I felt this evening when I sat down to post my first SOLSC and realized I had left my writer’s notebook at school, the equivalent of my students leaving their work at home. Writing by the seat of my pants it is!

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