All Friends on Powder Days! (#sol23 Day 11/31)

Yes, I’ve been sick for a month. Or more. I’ve lost track. Feels like forever.

Yes, it went from fever to cough to fever to sinus infection to antibiotic stomach problems to the effing flu to finally desperately needing the chiropractor yesterday after all those feverish aches and chills.

Yes, I haven’t moved my body beyond a cautiously paced bike path stroll this entire time.

Yes, this past month(ish) turned everything I know about how my body works and thrives and turned it upside down, all around, and inside out – only to laugh and spit me out as a hunched over and crumpled mess of myself.

(A bit dramatic? Possibly. And yet, that’s how it feels from my end so there ya have it.)

But you know what? It snowed last night. Like, a lot. Like, knee-deep thick and creamy (quite un-Colorado, tbh) new snow that was just sitting up there and waiting for someone to paint some happy squiggle tracks through its white expanse. So when I woke up this morning actually feeling a bit like a functioning human being, I figured – meh – might as well be me!

Some folks like to say that there’s “no friends on powder days”. Maybe you’ve heard this? Well, I disagree. I fall directly into the “all friends on powder days” camp. I mean, it’s really hard not to be smiling and friendly and chatty and supportive when you’re all out there having these fabulously poofy experiences.

Since I was on my own this morning, I had the opportunity to meet all kinds of happy folks on chairlift rides and out in the deep trees. From high school teachers to contractors, and from visiting families to a local mom who snuck away for a few solo powder turns, I felt like we were all playing our parts as happy and successful Ambassadors Of Snow Days. Nobody felt ditched, nobody was racing to beat anyone anywhere, everyone was patient and grateful for the snow safety work that needed to be done before the gates could open – today was a fine example of humans humaning well. (Geez! Finally!)

Want a sneak peek of my adventure? Well, I’m totally out of breath from trying to continually activate my unused muscles and lungs, overheating from setting that traverse that got me out to this white island of joy, but here’s a short glimpse into my morning.

What a gift to feel surrounded by friends, even when alone in the snowy trees. Yes, I chose wisely today. ❄️🎿❤️

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  1. Such a descriptive, well-written slice. I love your use of repetition and conversational tone. I know what it’s like to be sick for a long time so the beginning pulled me right in. Your writing enabled me to feel the shift in mood once you were out in the snow. So glad you and “humaning” again!

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