Did We Make It? (#sol23 Day 24/31)

Was this week the longest week in the history of the world? Yep.

Was today filled with everything from deep breaths to big smiles, from flabbergasted eyebrow raises to shoulder shrugs, and even a few belly laughs of “oh my god did those kids really just say that?!”? Yep.

Were today’s tryouts (for next month’s spring musical) a sweet glimpse into the hearts and souls and bravery ovens of all K-8 students at school? Yep.

Did our stomachs turn with the nose picking, eraser chewing, and colored pencil lead biting habits that were scarily amplified today? Yep.

Did my afternoon chiropractor visit leave me feeling equally put back together and still a bit tender and sore? Yep.

Do I feel like I could sleep for a few days straight and then decide whether I’m ready to be around other humans? Yep.

Am I also excited to go ski with my dad tomorrow? Yep.

However, the biggest question of the day is:

Did we finally make it to Spring Break?



4 thoughts on “Did We Make It? (#sol23 Day 24/31)

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  1. Love the questions and then the biggest question of the day. Spring break, hooray! Every teacher has been there with a week that looks similar on the week before break. I hope you get much needed rest and restoration.

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