My Acrostic Spring Break (#sol23 Day 26/31)

Soft thick snow this morning, freshly groomed, just waiting for Dad and I to carve, edge to edge, the whole way down.

Pretty sure we had the best Sunday morning of anyone else out there. I think this because there was nobody else out there.

Really grateful for health and family and time and fresh air.

I also managed to carve (ha!) out some reading and lounging time this afternoon. Feeling pretty proud of my planning.

Now I get to hang with one of my favorite fluffy and furry friends as I dogsit for the week. Plus an aloof cat and four independent feathery chicken ladies.

Gotta stock up on extra dog treats this week.

Beginning to soften into a slower and more sustainable mode in which I don’t have to set an alarm, can enjoy a full cup of morning coffee in my pjs at home, and can exit any situation at any time when I deem it Too Much.

Relishing my moments of wonder, of observation, and of delight – and also making the connection between cataloging those moments and actually having available time to notice and absorb.

Even though it’s closing in on the end of March, I’m loving the mid-winter conditions up on the ski hill. Yes, I also long for sunshine and warmth but I will take as many wintery ski days as possible this year. Plus, the extra moisture makes for a safer summer.

About 76 kazillion. That’s the approximate number of yellow lab hairs that are attached to my clothing after being with my happy furry buddy for less than an hour.

Kinda think I will fire up this backyard sauna and sweat my way into what is sure to be a spectacularly filling Spring Break.


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