Ten clues that you’re having a good Tuesday… (#solTuesday)

  1. There’s frost on your windshield for the first time all season.
  2. You plug in your USB charger the right way – THE FIRST TIME.
  3. Your feet are still tan from a long weekend at Lake Powell.
  4. You know that you’re registered to vote because you’ve double-checked here.
  5. One of your young writers declares, “I used to not like writing. But now I do. Look – I’m even putting spaces between my words now!”
  6. The books you ordered for a book fair to celebrate summer reading FINALLY arrived.
  7. Your fiancé (!!!) is home for the winter.
  8. Pictures and videos from your yoga/surfing Lake Powell trip are beginning to arrive in your inbox.
  9. You’re breathing fresh air.
  10. You’re heading to a favorite yoga class with your favorite people.



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