Grrrrrrrr (#solTuesday)

I’m annoyed.

Clarifying blame: Every teency thing that has happened today annoys the shit out of me.

The pencil sharpener isn’t working.

My tea doesn’t taste delicious.

The whiteboard eraser keeps falling off of the rack.

It’s raining outside.

Seriously? Another ripped up sticky note on the floor?

*deep breath* As a reminder, we keep our hands to OURSELVES when we’re at school.


Wanna know my antidote to being annoyed by EVERY. SINGLE. TEENCY. THING?


Flip it.

*enter sounds of rewinding cassette tapes* *zhrarp-zheep-zhoop-zhorp*

I have the awareness to notice all of these teency little things throughout my day.

Kids’ fine motor skills are sharpened (heh… see what I did there?) with hand tools when the electric ones are on the fritz.

I actually had a few extra minutes this morning to make myself a cup of tea.

My second graders are so excited about trying out new and scary craft moves in writing that they keep bouncing out of their rug spots and bumping the whiteboard rail, sending the eraser tumbling to the floor.

After a super dry winter, and a super dry summer, we finally get a whole day of soaking rain. Gosh, we need this.

My second grade readers are using sticky notes to mark words with endings in their books, to jot down thoughts about their books, and to state their daily reading goals. That calls for lots of sticky notes.

Our classroom community of first and second graders is just so excited to be with each other. They get to the point where they just can’t help it – those hands are hugging, tugging, and squeezing to match those smiles.


Way better.




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