It’s all about finding that balance… (#solTuesday)

Have you seen this one? There’s this meme floating around (actually, there are a couple of funny versions) about how at least once a staff meeting, someone will inevitably say, “It’s just really all about finding that balance.”


As easy as it is to ridicule this grand sweeping response, and as fun as it is to be able to throw this phrase around when you actually haven’t really been listening to anything that’s being said at the meeting, it turns out that there are some times when it is actually a helpful statement.

Say, for example, that daily realization that you are simply trying to stay afloat by juggling school responsibilities with home responsibilities with family responsibilities with second job responsibilities with third job responsibilities with general self love and care. If you put too much energy in any area, then the other areas suffer, right?

Finally get caught up on that laundry…didn’t get around to going on that hike.

Spend the afternoon skiing with friends…not enough time to pop up to school to prep for the next week.

Stay late after school to plan…miss out on time at home with your other half.

Ugh. Daily. 🤦🏻‍♀️

If I could figure out how to find that effing balance, then I swear my stress levels would instantly lower.

Know the feeling?

Here’s hoping that the few brief moments of pause and quiet offered by Thanksgiving Break will be enough of an equalizing force to find at least a semblance of that balance. Maybe a deep breath here and there will lead to openings and strategies for future balance.


…that’s what it’s just really all about, right? 😏

4 thoughts on “It’s all about finding that balance… (#solTuesday)

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  1. I find deep breathing and visualizing butterflies works wonders when trying to “catch up”. But, extra dark meat with cranberry sauce, smashed potatoes and wine really does wonders too !! Happy Turkey !!


  2. I’m constantly searching for margin and balance. I know there will be some imbalance during Tgiving break, like how much time I spend in the kitchen. But, I’m hoping for some offset too, like a little more time to hike. I hope you find your balance time this week too.

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