Annnnnnd… we’re back! (#solTuesday)

My alarm clock went off this morning. How rude. I couldn’t just let the sun wake me up.

I had to actually consider my clothing choices this morning. How annoying. I couldn’t just throw on my ski clothes.

I had to pack a snack and lunch for myself this morning. How frustrating. I couldn’t just linger over coffee and my morning book.

Yep. Winter Break is officially over.


I did get the privilege of 29 huge “I missed you!” hugs today.

I did get to connect with my colleagues and collectively celebrate and mourn the too-soon passing of one of our own.

I did get to relish in the realization that the math, writing, reading, and friendship skills that were practiced before break still (mostly) remain after break.

I did get to hear lots of happy stories about adventures and fun family times.



I received a dedicated and signed copy of a Minecraft book from a student. He thought that I really needed to be reading his favorite book along with him, so he made it happen. And that? Made my day.

Welcome back to school!

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  1. It’s great that you cherish the relaxing (?) recharge of personal time and obvious that you love what you do with your fabulous, thoughtful students!! Have a great year!


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