Day 5/31 #sol19

You know what we do when things seem a little ragged? We make things work. We figure shit out. We move the puzzle pieces of life around and around until they seem to fit just a little bit better. That’s what we do.

Your husband’s truck dies in the work parking lot? He drives your car and you get rides to and from work from compassionate colleagues.

A friend is looking for a shoulder to cry on? You bail out of some previously scheduled events so you can have time to listen.

A meeting keeps getting pushed back? You take last minute advantage of a rarely found open afternoon to come together with your people so that you can collaborate.

A student is teary-eyed over a particularly rough day? You remind him that tomorrow is a brand new day and that everyone will be happy to see him when he walks in the classroom door.

You’re feeling particularly uninspired to write today’s daily blog? You remind yourself that it can actually get done, just one word at a time.

10 thoughts on “Day 5/31 #sol19

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  1. Wow! This is the second post I have read that mirrored how I felt about 30 minutes ago when I was dragging my feet to get Day 5 of SOLC completed. I’m so glad I did so that I get to read all of the great writing of other slicers like you.

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  2. I jumped on Two Writing Teachers tonight because I needed some inspiration to write my slice tonight. Yours was the first slice I read, and it was absolutely what I needed! Thank you! By the way, I’m a Denver writer.

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    1. Oh my goodness, what sweet words to read. I’m glad we could connect! It was my potty mouth that drew you in, wasn’t it? 😏 Sending you smiles and a hint of motivation over the mountains tonight. ❤️


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