Day 11/31 #sol19

A world without Annie. Wow.

Today it made sense to me to be with my people. To talk with first and second graders about death, about memories, and about carrying a legacy forward by living with a kind heart. To surround myself with others who know what’s going on and who are going through it alongside of me. To cry when I felt sad, and to laugh when I felt delighted. To visit with remaining members of “the good ol’ days at ACS” crew, and to marvel at the incredible impact that one soul can have on this world.

That’s what I needed today.

I know that others needed solace, space, distraction, or even immersion. That’s what they needed today.

However this collective grief strains out, however we all find our own ways to honor, to celebrate, and to take our next steps forward, I have great hope that our unique paths will make sense.

10 thoughts on “Day 11/31 #sol19

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  1. There is no “right way” to grieve and your post so eloquently conveys that. Holding you and your friends up in light and love as you journey through that grieving process, because the only way through it is THROUGH it. I hope you feel the love and support you need and deserve at this time.

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  2. It’s great that you are grieving exactly the way you need to. And that you recognize that others need it their way. I’m sure your unique paths will all meet again soon.

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