Day 13/31 #sol19

What to do when you’re seven and the power goes out at school

When the power goes out at school

you probably should lift your eyebrows and make your eyes really wide.

You probably should start fake-screaming with your friends.

You probably should whip your head

back and forth

confirming the illumination of emergency lights.

You probably should realize that the bathrooms will be


Like, no lights dark.

Like, how do you even pee if it’s dark?

Then, you probably should shriek even louder with your friends because you’re in school, talking about


in the dark.

You probably should ask to go to the bathroom right away.

Like, right now.

Like, right when your friends also “need” to go.

You probably should decline the offer of a light source.

A flashlight totally won’t help you out.

You’ve got this.

And when you return to your classroom?

You probably should write a poem about


in the dark.

16 thoughts on “Day 13/31 #sol19

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  1. Ha! This is so great. In the past I’ve often gotten frustrated at kids ‘freaking out’ when the power goes out but this is a perfect reminder to experience the joy (wonder, shock) with them!

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  2. I love this slice. I love the repetition. I love climbing inside the heads of little ones and feeling their delight at the novelty of no electricity. Thank you for making me smile today!

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